• COUNTRY: listen to and care for the land
  • COMMUNITY: connect with soul-tribe
  • CULTURE: share stories, art, music & dance 


five day fully catered immersion

Embody the interconnectedness between all things with a daily flow of yoga, time in the garden, Zen Thai Shiatsu, and creative expression. Choose from either the Permaculture Retreat or Visual Arts Retreat. 


three day fully catered gathering

Share yarns by the fire, take time for self-inquiry, get your hands in the soil, share wholesome meals together as a community, wiggle your body, wobble your voice and come together to celebrate life.


keen to give us a hand? 

We couldn't do Zen Festival without a small but important team of volunteers. If you feel the call to be of service we would love to hear from you!


got some magic to offer?

We have a select number of slots in the program to fill for workshops and performances. If you have something to offer - we would love to hear from you.


17-21 SEPTEMBER 2023 (+weekend festival)

This year we are excited to offer two parallel retreats leading into the weekend festival. The Zen Permaculture Retreat

and the Zen Visual Arts Retreat.


Bringing together the worlds of Grounded Permaculture and Zen Thai Shiatsu, this retreat gives a small group the opportunity to embody the interconnectedness between personal well-being and healthy ecosystem function through daily therapeutic workshops and permaculture action on the land. 

Hosted by Bunya & Flavia from Growing Roots Permaculture. The daily program will have the following flow:

+ Meditation & Movement
+ Breakfast
+ Morning Workshop
+ Lunch
+ Zenthai Bodywork practice sessions
+ Afternoon Activity
+ Dinner

  • learn how to read, listen to & work in harmony with the land
  • learn how to care for yourself and others in community
  • be nourished with fully catered wholesome organic meals
  • daily yoga, landcare, Zen Thai Shiatsu & social activities


A 4 day immersive journey into a variety of art forms, eating delicious food and incorporating daily movement and Zen Thai practice. Explore a range of diverse life drawing classes, lino and woodblock printing, collaborate on a mural project, study the principles of sacred geometry and how to work with natural pigments and dyes. 

Facilitated by:

Rudi Quinzalez - illustrator, printer, muralist and oil painter
Rabea Stader - Muralist, painter, printer and illustrator
Sammy Ciganka - Natural Dyes artisan
Yao Mikami - Natural pigment artist, muralist, mixed medium painter
Lauren Cuthbert - Zenthai flow yoga and bodywork


22-24 SEPTEMBER 2023

What would happen if you brought together three well established communities to collaborate?

Zen Festival; nurtures the health and wellbeing of the individual, our community and the land we walk upon. 

  • family-friendly traditional village sized celebration
  • eat together as a community like our ancestors did
  • big focus on holistic health and well being 
  • just the right amount of music to dance and have fun

Frequently Asked Questions

  • about the EVENT

  • about the SITE

  • about our policIES

Is the weekend festival included in the retreat pass price?

Yes! The Retreat Pass price includes all camping and meals for the week of the retreat and weekend of the festival. 

Are meals included in the festival pass price?

Yes! Friday dinner, Saturday lunch & dinner, & Sunday lunch are included in the festival price. Evolving from previous years - we won't be catering breakfast. But there will be free fresh fruit available and a few smoothie & snack stalls to purchase breakfast if you wish. 

Whats the story with kids?

We love kids and a trialing something radical this year... kids under 16 are FREE! If they are over 16 then they count as an adult. 

Ready to be Zen with us?

your mind, body and soul will thank You