17-20 FEBRUARY 2023



$1750 full fee / $1350 early bird

(includes all meals & four nights camping)


Scott Hall

FOURth generation Farmer

A 4th Generation Farmer, Artist & Inventor, Scott's journey into Agriculture started young on his families farm growing broad acre grains, pulses, & livestock in rural Australia.

As an adult, he worked in Horticulture, Commercial Orchards, & Market Farming. He quickly became dissatisfied with the farming practises used and went on a mission to find the BEST solutions in Regenerative Agriculture that can be practically & affordably implemented.

Over the last two decades he has dived deep into Permaculture, Holistic Management, and Organic Farming discovering new ways of approaching both conventional farming & Regenerative Agriculture.

However it wasn't until he discovered Syntropic Farming, that he knew this was what he had been looking for.

He has studied with a number of Syntropic Farming Teachers over the years, and put all this knowledge into PRACTICE establishing the first Australian Syntropic Farm ‘Gabalah’ in Nth NSW, taking it from Research & Development to Profitable Production.

Scott has since started another farm in Nerang, SEQ and works with farmers across the country consulting on a wide variety of agricultural enterprises.


Didj Rodgers

Plant Man

Didj isn't a man of many words - but he does love making Meta Stories and Reels sharing his journey of having fun and getting shit done. 

He has spend the better part of two decades exploring ways to live more in harmony with ourselves and the land we live on. 

Didj is Scott's go-to-guy when he needs extra support for his projects and manages the Farmhouse at the Cedar Waters Regenerative Living Hub - the site of the workshop. 

Rupert Faust


Rupert is a polymath that diligently follows his curiosity.

As founder, president and CEO of Grounded Permaculture Action Party Inc, he is on a steep learning curve about building an effective and resilient not-for-profit community organisation through ethical and regenerative events and enterprise. 

He is as good with his hands as he is with his head and is a specialist in conceptual planning, systems thinking, commanding permaculture action parties and getting shit done while having heaps of fun. 


Rupert manages the site of the Cedar Waters Regenerative Living Hub - building a circular economy and co-ordinating all of the land care activities. 

Suveran Dewsnap

Food Foresteer

Inspired by the inhabitants of true jungle culture - Suvi has planted food forests everywhere he goes. For the last 30 years he has done this - now he does it with the crew at the Cedar Waters Regenerative Living Hub, Natural Bridge.

Suvi's unsurpassed wisdom around plants and productive ecosystems comes from direct experience. They say you shouldn't judge a man by the state of his garden - but with this man you can. It is impressive to say the least.

We have a problem... 

Our current mainstream agriculture is based a short sighted lineal model of inputs based production. 

Those inputs are heavily subsidised thanks to false fiat money forced upon us - this corrupts the natural order of life and human value exchange. 

This lie has an expiration date that is fast approaching - the true costs of producing food are being revealed in realtime. 

If life is to not only survive - but thrive - humans must produce food in harmony with the universal law of life on this planet - the law of Syntropy.

is Syntropy the solution? 

Syntropy is the opposite of entropy. 

It is the accumulation of the simple components of life - working together to form higher orders of complexity.  

Ernst Gotsch applied this world view to producing food and regenerating land at the same time.

Over the last 40 years he has refined the principles and methodology now known as Syntropic Agriculture.  

Are you ready to shift the paradigm?

The finer details


Located in the lush Numinbah Valley on the sub-tropical east-coast of Australia - this workshop will be hosted at the emerging Cedar Waters Regenerative Living Hub.

The site has been under the active management of the Grounded Crew who work closely with all the Syntropic Pioneers in Australia. 

52 acres of mixed native regen forest, agroforestry and mixed market gardening. With minimal animals on site it is managed by machete or machine. 

Once you register for the workshop you will be sent more details about the site including the address. 


You can bring your own tent, van, caravan or camper and stay on our dedicated gathering space on the creekflat. 

The site is kitted with a bush kitchen, compost toilets and fresh water creek.

If you prefer something a little more upmarket, private and comfortable - there are other accommodation options in the valley close by. 

We recommend arriving Thursday afternoon so that you are landed and settled for the start of the course 8am Friday.

You are also welcome to stay on the Monday night after the course finishes if you have a long distance to travel home.  


The course fee includes meals Friday lunch to Monday lunch.

All meals cater for all dietary requirements - if you require anything out of the ordinary (ie - dairy, gluten, meat free) then please let us know. 

We will endeavour to have all the options and cater for all. 

We will also have a strong focus on eating many of the staple crops we grow here on site - banana, cassava, taro, sweet potato - as well as all the greens and fruits in season.