Our Mission

To regenerate our sacred connection to country, community and culture.

Our Dream

A world where we live in harmony with the Earth, ourselves and each other.

A world where we nurture and celebrate the spirit of permanent culture.



  • We show reverence and respect for the Land and its living history. 
  • We believe in celebrating and working in harmony with the cycles of nature. 
  • We honour and respect all living things. 
  • We leave a positive trace, based in reciprocity, as we move across the landscape.
  • We work in ways that rebuild natural capital.
  • We support local, ethical and regenerative producers.
  • We use and value renewable resources.
  • We aim to create zero waste in all of our activities.
  • We embrace seasonality and sustainability when it comes to our food.
  • We acknowledge and celebrate the beauty and abundance that always surrounds us.


  • We maintain positive momentum through clear, focussed and purposeful action.
  • We honour the wisdom of our Elders and children.
  •  We believe in the power of right relationship.
  • We provide opportunities that support our members to flourish into their full potential.
  • We operate and communicate from a place of honesty, transparency, love and respect.
  • We cultivate a healthy group ecology that honours the unique gifts and offerings of all.
  • We conduct our activities in a manner that is safe and responsible.
  • We believe in the power of shared meals, stories by the fire, sharing in circle, and dancing barefoot on the Earth.
  • We remain curious, open-minded and cognisant of cognitive bias.
  • We encourage initiative, self-determination and interdependence.
  • We partner with people and organisations who share our values.
  • We strive to inspire, educate and empower a new generation of change-makers.
  • We encourage and value feedback - to catch and store inspiration and to help us grow.


  • We are a financially-healthy, adaptable and transparent not-for-profit organisation.
  • We embrace an integrated paradigm approach when it comes to organisational structure. 
  • We maintain positive momentum through clear, focussed and purposeful action.
  • We creatively and efficiently respond to change.
  • We foster a culture of voluntary contributionism and self-responsibility, founded in collective trust
  • We value access over ownership and encourage symbiotic exchange. 
  • We encourage self-reliance, and actively contribute to the regenerative economy.
  • We set limits on consumption, and adopt a philosophy of fair share.
  • We believe in the power of Indigenous story, knowledge and wisdom, in keeping culture alive.
  • We treasure our unique culture and know that it is integral to our future success. 
  • We invest time, energy, patience and love into raising the next generation of Earthkeepers.
  • We maintain a universal perspective and can laugh at ourselves and the grande cosmic joke that is life. 

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