“To facilitate permaculture action parties and provide workshop opportunities for our members to regenerate our sacred connection to country, community and culture.”

We are professional, organised and unrushed…
and we have fun

  • We use the ethics and principles of permaculture to guide our decisions
  • We integrate Teal Principles when it comes to the organisation of the organisation
  • We remember to laugh at ourselves and the grande cosmic joke that is life

We exist primarily for the direct benefit of our active members

  • We only hold events at member sites, working alongside land holders to activate and achieve their vision
  • Our members are the first point of call to facilitate workshops, perform or provide goods and services
  • We support our members in all of their regenerative endeavours by providing a platform for them to flourish
  • We align, synchronize and work in harmony with members organisations that share a similar vision and mission

We are a financially healthy and transparent not-for-profit incorporated organisation

  • We actively contribute to the regenerative economy
  • We are fully transparent with our finances
  • Our events and enterprises make a profit and all profits are reinvested back into the organisation
  • No money changes hands during our events, only before and after

Our events are all inclusive, fully catered and regenerative

  • We integrate education, empowerment, entertainment and engagement
  • Our events are fully catered by our in house zero-waste-vegan kitchen
  • We leave a positive trace as we move across the landscape
  • Our events are family friendly and community orientated
  • We only cook ethically sourced meat in a ceremonial context (and outside of the kitchen)


  • An organically growing membership that actively contributes to the evolution of the organisation
  • Strong partnerships with other reputable events and organisations that share our values
  • Recognised as an authority in what we do
  • Functional, up to date, beautiful website that offers members only content
  • Healthy working relationships amongst all core “roots” crew