• CONNECT with like minded soul tribe
  • REMEMBER ancestral wisdom and skills
  • DANCE barefoot to the funkiest choonz
  • SHARE homegrown organic food
  • GIFT back to mother earth 

WTF is GG23?

The 8th rendition of a grounded gathering
that jump started
a grass-roots,
community organisation

that some people call a movement.

(it is not a cult.... promise!)

a high vibe,

down to earth,

good old fashioned,

permaculture action party

(despite the fancy new age name - the practice is ancient!)

a joyously-thriving



cultural celebration

(giving what your soul is craving)

a syntropic symphony

of social synchronicity

(sounds stupendously special doesn't it!!)


our sacred connection

to country, community & culture

(that is our mission statement FYI)


here is how you can play with us...


five day fully catered immersion

gives you and the kids an opportunity
to drop in to your body, slow down,
reconnect and truly get grounded. 


three day fully catered gathering

where all the fun, music,
booty-shaking shenanigans and
collaborative action happens. 


keen to help out? 

If you feel the call to be of service 

please fill out the form below.


music, workshop, demo?

If you have something special to share
please fill out the form below.


27-31 AUG 2023 

A five-day, fully-catered immersion
to give you and the young ones time and space
to drop into your body, tune into the land, and
connect with the people around you.

The 52-acre Grounded Hub,
Cedar Waters (fka Famunity)
is a hive of community activity.

As a retreat participant,
you get the exclusive opportunity
to learn the theory
behind the projects on site and
gain hands-on experience
with action on the ground.

The retreat & bush-school is capped at 15 participants
to create the perfect group container
required for a truly transformative experience.

It is a relaxed approach to immersion learning,
activating potent evolutionary upgrades
while chilling in a parasympathetic state.


1-3 SEPTEMBER 2023

As the retreat and bush school wind down - the weekend action party cranks it up a notch or three with;

  • People-Powered Permaculture Action

  • Catered community meals from Fri dinner --> Sun lunch

  • Workshops, Talks and Demonstrations

  • Live & Electronic Musical Performances

  • Ceremony and Ritual

Framed by five elemental spaces facing the sacred central fire. 

  • EARTH: Kitchen, Food, Nourishment.

  • FIRE: Kids (Big & Small), Play, Movement.

  • AIR: Stage, Sound, Dance, Singing.

  • WATER: Teahouse, Herbs, Healing.

  • HEART: Tipi, Ceremony

And tucked out the back,
in a world of its own,
is the legendary TRADIE TOWN.

An interactive operations centre

where you get hands-on with tools 
and techniques that support you
living on and off the land.

(2022 was a factory line - pumping out a dozen top bar hives!)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • about the EVENT

  • about the SITE

  • about our policIES

Is the weekend action party included in the retreat pass price?

Yes! The Retreat Pass price includes all camping and meals for the week of the retreat and weekend of the action party.

Are meals included in the action party price?

Yes! All meals from Friday dinner -->Sunday lunch are included in the action party price. 

What's the story with kids?

We love kids and the family friendly vibes ensures they are included. If they are under 16 - then kids are free for the action party.  If they are over 16 then they count as an adult. 

Who is Grounded?

Grounded is not-for-profit community organisation with the mission
to regenerate our sacred connection to country, community and culture.
We do this through live events, social enterprise,
regenerative living hubs and online educational content (coming soon).

Ready to get Grounded?

your mind, body & soul will thank You