Grounded Gathering 2017 – Directors Wrap

And just like that our second annual Grounded Gathering has come to pass. The March 2017 edition at Bellthorpe was leaps and bounds beyond what we pulled off last year, and yet it was still firmly grounded in the same concepts that make it such a unique ‘party with a purpose’.
There will be no surprises to anyone that vibe wise the gathering was truly amazing. From the five participants that signed up for the full week, to all the crew there from start to finish and all in between, to all the punters that rolled in for the weekend party, everyone was buzzing on the immaculate work done onsite, the delicious food coming out of the Sol Kitchen, the sonic sounds pumping out of that sexy Staj Mahal, the whole range of talks and workshops on offer, and the general sense of community.

What I’m finding one of the most amazing aspects of this event is despite the high level conceptual planning and preparation to ensure a smooth running event, I leave a lot of the details to create themselves during the event. The main one that springs to mind is with crew/volunteers. Despite a lack of rosters, official roles or departments, everyone was keen to get involved and just filled the gaps as they were needed. This is a truly remarkable phenomenon, and the more I do it the more attuned I am to seeing a natural order in the chaos.  I have a theory that if we have enough volunteers, all we have to do is just keep giving each other breaks and then no one has to work too hard. Thank you to all those that stepped in and stepped up to keep things flowing smoothly without the need for structured rostered hours.

Flow wise I think it all went really well, the week was jam packed full of action, with plenty of time to chill, and the formula for the weekend is forming it’s self with a great range of activities for all. Permaculture Action in the morning, lunch, workshops and one-hour power-ups after lunch, music and dance in the eve, tis my dream really.
We managed to get a few photos and video of the weekend and have uploaded to the FB page, special thanks to Tashka Urban for capturing those moments. And also Zoe McGrath got plenty of good ones as well.
Brother Beans