Innovative, Responsible, Collaborative, Profitable & Professional

our Social Enterprises grow and evolve in response to the our broader community needs.

Community Projects

Framed within the context of permaculture and informed by worlds best practice, Grounded offers the full suite of professional consultancy and project management services for those looking to become more holistic and regenerative in their business, event or personal endeavours.

Chai 'n' Vibes

Formed as a synchronistic collaboration between Grounded and Island Vibe, Chai ā€˜nā€™ Vibes is offered as community service for community events. We create and hold an all inclusive space for interactive jams and lively conversation over a cup of high quality chai.

Compost Dunnies

Grounded has developed a proven and reliable system for portable compost dunnies. Built out of easily found and repurposed materials the design can be easily replicated. 

Mobile Kitchen

Our mobile kitchen services all of our events and enterprises. 

It is also available to members to hire for their own events and enterprises. 

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