Cedar Waters Regenerative Living Hub

a place to grow food, family, community and culture.

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Cedar Waters

the name we call this land and community.

The big red cedar trees (Toona ciliata) were the first to go in this country
when the colonisers arrived. Ironically, they are also one of the first to return

and colonise the grasslands through the process of natural succession.

The waters flow fast and fresh up here in the head waters of the Nerang River. Cave Creek cuts through the site after its falls through the infamous Natural Bridge.

Cedar Waters is a place to grow food, family, community and culture,

in right relationship with everything.

FKA as Famunity - the site and community continues to evolve as it finds it footing in the new emerging paradigm. 

Regenerative Living Co.

the natural bridge for tenants, land & capital

Gives earth-orientated artisans opportunity for long term land stewardship. A place to call home, in alignment with their values. A place to develop enterprise and establish right livelihood.

Gives the land an opportunity to flourish with intergenerational custodianship made possible by transparent and fair social governance structures and  incentives that support entrepreneurship.

Gives investors the opportunity to make a difference on the front line of the regeneration revolution, backing real solutions that deliver a decent ROI.

(read more about the Regenerative Living Co. here)

Creek Flat

private gathering & retreat space for members

The Creek Flat at Cedar Waters is pretty darn special.

Available exclusively to Grounded Members.
Perfect for private birthdays, weddings, retreats or gatherings.

Click here to find out more about our Creek Flat.

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