2pm - Sat 3rd December 2022


As you are someone within the Grounded ecosystem of awesomeness,you are are cordially invited to attend the

Grounded Permaculture Action Party Inc. Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2022

The AGM is an opportunity for members and interested parties to come together and discuss organisational affairs and take care of the official business required of an incorporated association.

The Grounded Membership Structure continues to be refined to meet the character of the organisation as well as the technological capacity to manage it.

This year - the leadership team supported the motion to evolve it into the Grounded Membership Structure 2022.

If you are reading this email and don't know otherwise - you most likely are a Curious Member.

Curious Members can attend the AGM - but are not eligible to vote on matters for resolution.

Active Contributor and Creative Members can vote on matters for resolution.

Active Creative Members can nominate for election to the Leadership Team.

Active = contribution to at least two live or enterprise events in the last year.

Upgrade your membership here:

Please read on for more details.

Grounded Permaculture Action Party Inc. AGM 2022:

DATE: Saturday 3rd December 2022

TIME: 12pm pot-luck lunch. Meeting starts 2pm.

PLACE: CreekFlat of Famunity, Natural Bridge

(address and more info will be emailed to those that register two days before the event)

RSVP: Essential - please follow the link to register your attendance.

CAMPING: Optional - if you intend to camp the night before or of, we are asking for a $10/adult/night donation. (please bring cash - funds are used for regeneration projects onsite)

NOTE: It wouldn’t be a Grounded event without some Permaculture Party Action.

BEFORE the meeting - early in the morning - from 7 or 8 am - there will be a permaculture garden action session on the land.

AFTER the meeting closes will be eating left over food from lunch, and playing some music and jams to satisfy the party vibe.


At the AGM, eligible members will have the opportunity to:

- find out and ask questions about operations and finances
- speak about any items on the agenda
- nominate and vote for board members and on any resolutions proposed

Resolutions proposed for voting:

1. 2021 AGM Minutes
2. 2021/22 Annual Report
3. 2021/22 Auditors Report

Special Resolutions proposed for voting:

1. Grounded Rules of Association 2022

Eligible nominations to the 2023 Leadership Team will be accepted and voted on;

+ President
+ Vice President
+ Secretary
+ Treasurer
+ Up to three (3) ancillary board members


To be eligible for nomination to the Leadership Team, members must;

1. Have contributed to at least two live events in the last year

2. Be a Creative Member with membership fees paid up to date.

3. Hold a Permaculture Design Certificate or show demonstrated knowledge in the field.

4. Commit to the responsibilities that come with the role (see the guide at the app link for details).

5. a) Nominate themselves AND have their nomination accepted by another member, OR b) be nominated by another member AND accept the nomination themselves.

6. Complete the above requirements before the day of the AGM.

To nominate yourself or another member please follow this link to the nomination form.

If there are insufficient nominations before the meeting starts, nominations of eligible members present will be accepted at the meeting.


For eligible members that cannot attend the meeting, proxy votes will be accepted with a valid proxy appointment form (See link below).

All proxy forms must be submitted and received before the day of the AGM.